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The Summerland Trilogy – The Complete Collection

Now enjoy all three spine-tingling novels of The Summerland Trilogy in one complete collection.

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Book I – The Ties That Bind:

When a grieving widow strikes a bargain with a mysterious woman in a moonlit cemetery in the small town of Solomon, NC, she has no idea that she is about to set into motion a chain of events that will curse her family forever. But she can’t take the grief any longer, and is prepared to do anything for just one more chance with the man lying in the grave beneath her.

Over twenty years later, the woman’s son has married his college sweetheart. They seem to have it all – college degrees in hand and a bright future ahead of them. But little does the young couple know that a day of reckoning is fast approaching, and that a dark family secret is about to be revealed.

When the ghostly messenger arrives to settle the bargain struck on that cold November night so long ago, the young couple will soon realize that every soul has a price, and that there may be no way for them to escape from the ties that bind.

Book II – Wicked Izzy:

After swerving to miss the ghostly specter standing in the road, JoAnna Stedford finds herself stranded in the town of Solomon, a tiny hamlet deep in the heart of the swamps of eastern North Carolina.

Befriended by a young waitress at the diner next to her motel, JoAnna slowly begins to learn of the secrets that Solomon holds, and of the strange link the town has to her husband’s troubled past.

It is in Solomon where JoAnna will meet Isabelle Pearl, a mysterious woman that lives on the edge of town, a woman the locals call Wicked Izzy. JoAnna will find out that Isabelle Pearl holds the key to her destiny, as well as a remedy for her grieving heart.

Because in the town of Solomon when someone needs to speak to the dead they go see the town psychic. But when they need something more, they pay a visit to Isabelle Pearl.

And they soon learn that what Isabelle Pearl offers comes with a price.

Book III – Summerland:

After escaping the town of Solomon, JoAnna Stedford sets off on a journey back to Charleston, SC, and to the house she once shared with her husband Paul, a house now sitting abandoned on a lonely road outside of town.

And despite her doubts, JoAnna knows what waits for her in the attic of her old home. And she knows that once she finds it she will have to settle up with Isabelle Pearl and pay the price that she demands.

The Darklands

Introducing my newest horror novel, The Darklands. You can preorder a copy now and it will be delivered to your Kindle on the publish date of  June 10, 2016.

A sexy hitchhiker with slits on her wrists, a long-haired biker with a fork stuck in his eye, a gated road leading into a burning forest guarded by a man with a gash on his neck… These are just some of the strange people that await poor Barlow McSwain when he finds himself in the middle of a bizarre landscape known as The Darklands.

Barlow’s journey begins when he narrowly avoids a head-on collision with a truck on a winding road leading into the mountains. When he pulls his motorcycle to the side of the road to calm his nerves, a red El Camino arrives and the driver invites Barlow to have a drink at a saloon just up the road. At first he doesn’t think much about the man in the mysterious car, but when Barlow gets back on the road and continues his journey up the mountain he starts to get the sinking feeling that something is just not right.

On his way to the saloon Barlow stops at a gas station that appears to be from a bygone era. There he meets Velton, the gas station attendant who proudly displays his 1947 Knucklehead Harley Davidson to Barlow. But there is something strange about Velton that Barlow can’t quite put his finger on.

And later, as Barlow rides deeper into the mountains he begins to realize that despite what he might have thought, the near-miss he had with the truck might not have been such a near-miss after all.

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