The Huguenot Cemetery and the Ghost of Judge Stickney

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest continuously- occupied city in America.

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, St Augustine Florida

The city is full of ancient, historic sites and more than its share of old haunted houses and graveyards. One of the most notable of the haunted graveyards is the Huguenot Cemetery.

Established in the early 1820’s and closed in 1884 after an outbreak of Yellow Fever filled the cemetery to capacity, the Huguenot Cemetery served as a burial ground for non-Catholics that lived in the city. The bodies of Catholics were laid to rest in the nearby Tolomato Cemetery and their ghosts are restless enough, but the Huguenot Cemetery holds the honor of being the most haunted cemetery in the city.

Ghost sightings, orbs, strange lights and noises abound on any given night in the Huguenot Cemetery. Of all the wandering haints that call the cemetery home, one stands out above the rest. It’s the ghost of Judge John Stickney.

The death of Judge Stickney in 1882 of Yellow Fever left his children without parents since his wife had passed away years before. Shortly after Judge Stickney’s death, family members from Washington D.C. came and took the children north leaving no one to tend to his grave.

Centuries-old graves at Huguenot Cemetery

Years later, after the children grew into adults, they decided to have their father’s remains moved closer to home so they could see to it that flowers were kept on his grave.

The trouble started when the gravediggers left Judge Stickney’s remains unattended for a short time after the exhumation, allowing thieves to steal his gold teeth. Judge Stickney’s ghost was none too amused and to this day it still haunts the Huguenot Cemetery. Even though his physical remains were removed from the cemetery, his ghostly remains have stayed in place. Visitors to the cemetery report seeing his shadowy apparition roaming aimlessly among the headstones, apparently searching in vain for his lost, treasured gold dental work.


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